How to enjoy a cup of coffee With weight Loss

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How to enjoy a cup of coffee – Arabica coffee beans decaffeinated coffee esophageal sphincter acid reflux heart disease, hyperlipidemia cholesterol Crema Cafe stall vascular brain cells strong dehydration

How to enjoy coffee

How to enjoy coffee

First, it is recommended than instant coffee. Caffeine content of coffee vending machines is more than three times that of coffee beans. After drinking coffee to reduce caffeine drink two glasses of water. The water dilutes the concentration of caffeine.


Second, I recommend the Mountain Arabica coffee. Ari vicar acid is a much less caffeine than the boosters family to less than 50% is rich in flavor and scented. A family such as the Blue Mountains, Colombia, Brazil Mundo Nuovo. Instant coffee is the most inexpensive booster series. OK place to use as a booster in the coffee shop and want maneuni masigil.


Third, it is strongly recommended that decaffeinated coffee. Many people think that reducing the caffeine drops the taste of coffee.However, blindfolded in the world, the International Coffee Organization guessing was subjected to a blind test out the coffee, decaffeinated coffee, unlike expect more people were juicy. People who participated in the experiment were the professionals coffee. Taste of coffee is a proven fact that the decision not smell the caffeine content. Coffee has more than a substance which determines the direction of 100 branches.


Fourth, drinking coffee after a meal may aggravate bad breath. Caffeine creates a loose flowing back into the esophagus because the sphincter of the esophagus, stomach food. It is a good time to adjust the way to get rid of bad breath caused by coffee.


Fifth, people with heart disease and hyperlipidemia are advised to drink green tea instead of coffee. As a result 885 people for adult men drink six cups of coffee a day, eight weeks LDL cholesterol was increased by 55.5%, total cholesterol 60 percent. US researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health announced a study that coffee increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. For that reason cafe stall contained in coffee it is described you increase the synthesis of cholesterol. Café stall is contained in a brown foam coffee crema.People with hyperlipidemia are advised to remove the crema and drinking. People with heart disease who recommend green tea as an alternative to coffee. Catechins in green tea makes it lowers cholesterol strengthen blood vessels. Why Chinese people eat enjoy fatty foods less heart disease because a lot of oolong tea to drink.


Sixth, we should not drink alcohol and coffee together. Koreans often drunk after drinking coffee. When combined with caffeine, alcohol acts as a poison in the blood vessels. Alcohol and caffeine thereby expand the blood vessels constrict blood vessels. The torn blood vessels to expand and contract. Caffeine causes dehydration worse because the brain cells causing a hangover. It is the hangover caused dehydration of the brain due to the alcohol.


Seventh, after drinking the coffee Make sure you brush your teeth. 121 gajina acidic substances in coffee that causes yellowing discoloration of the teeth.


Finally, do not drink coffee after eating meat or fatty foods. Korea people are often after eating fatty foods such as spaghetti and drinking coffee chaser. Also it provides coffee for dessert at gogitjip. However, this is a combination of the worst. In this example, coffee contains substances that are acidic gajina 121, due to further acidify the acidified blood into fatty foods. Coffee is good to eat fruit, such as an alkaline food.

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