Pramiracetam for piracetam: Comparison of two powerful brain boosters

two powerful brain boosters

Trying to decide whether to use the Pramiracetam for piracetam? Both piracetam Pramiracetam the fall in the category of supplements known as Nootropics. These cognitive enhancers pose lot of benefits for individuals who would like improve their memory, gain better concentration, and enjoy greater amount of motivation and energy. By stimulating important synapses in the brain, nootropics like Piracetam,  Pramiracetam can actually change the way your brain think for the better. As such, they are in hot demand among university students and people working in competitive field. Despite their relative similarities, there are a number of differences between Pramiracetam and Piracetam which should be thorough understood before deciding which one to use.

Piracetam Info:

The concept of using supplement to create a better brain was really born with the discovery of Piracetam by UCB Pharmaceuticals. Piracetam is oldest of the Nootropics, developed back in 1964 by a Romanian scientist. It has undergone most testing and research of all Racetam supplement and has been determined to be very safe and non-toxic. As water soluble powder  this supplementsmixes very easily with water or juice and is quite simple to use.

While many of the health supplements you eat do not actually circulate to the brain, Piracetam is able to easily cross the blood brain barrier. This barrier separates your neurons from flow of blood which is a actually toxic if it comes into contact with your nerve cells. Piracetam is a derivative of GABA a neurotransmitter that is a produced naturally in brain from Glutamate. Piracetam powder is noted for being rather fast-acting with a half-life of the around 2 hours. According to research results that have been collected in past 50 years, Piracetam exerts its influence on two key neurotransmitters, Acetylcholine and Glutamate in the brain. These two substances are thought to play a vital role in learning, memory, and perception.

Piracetam works by actually binding to receptor sites for both of these neurotransmitters. What this technically does is to help amplify the amount of excitation within brain neurons. Neurons communicate to each other through a massive system of billions of synapses which are basically site where different nerve cells are able to send and receive signals. These transmission occur by way of neurotransmitters such as a Acetylcholine and Glutamate. By increasing the activity of these synapses, your brain is a able to store more information and recall memory much faster. Other processing skill are made more sensitive as well.

Other evidence suggests that Piracetam positively influences the levels of calcium and potassium in your brain. We all know that electrolytes are importants for your cognitive functions to be at their prime. When these chemicals are properly balanced in brain, they facilitate greater electrical activity which is main determining factor of brainpower. By enhancing the electrolyte balance in your neurons, Piracetam may be able to optimize your brain’s performance and the literally change your mind. It is effective for both everyday use in the health adults as well as in individuals who suffer from ADHD or other cognitive deficits.

Pramiracetam Info:

Developed in Belgium during the 1970’s as an enriched version of Piracetam and Pramiracetam is the strongest of all the most common Racetam family members.Most researchers consider this supplement to be as the much as 30 times more powerful than piracetam. This analog of Piracetam delivers its benefits much quicker and the effect can be much more noticeable. One of the reasons for this increase in potential activity is the fact that Pramiracetam is fat soluble unlike Piracetam which is water soluble.

This means it is more bioavailable and more concentrated. As fat soluble supplement, this compound should be taken with foods or fish oil capsules. If used in the form of powder, than it should never be mixed with water (it will clump and never fully dissolve) try stirring it into a glass of milk instead.

Piracetam Effectiveness

Piracetam Effectiveness

The most pronounced Piracetam benefits will be in the area of memory and learning. Piracetam users are normally able to see an increase in their working memory and long term memory and possibly even faster recall. A lot of user report that it becomes easier to understand even complex concepts and that they do not have to work as hard to remember new information. This improvement in your memory can bear out in subtle ways  such as a being able to recall entire dreams or having greater detail recal from conversations, facts, or figures, etc. Mental processing capacity is also enhanced, with many people reporting that things just seem to flow better.

Piracetam also has positive implications on energy levels and motivation or drive. This includes an overall enhanced feeling of clarity and alertness. Attention, focus and concentration are all reportedly heightened and you may find that you do not procrastinate as a much because tasks just seem easier to complete. This is reinforced by the fact that Piracetam may also serve as mood enhancer, even reducing anxiety and depression.

Another benefit that most users will receive from Piracetam is the enhancement to their senses and perceptual field. This will ordinarily manifest itself in form of much clearer vision, as well as hearing deeper and richer sounds. Some people are quite over whelmed by this experience, causing a distinct emotional reaction to vivid images or booming music. Piracetam can also contribute to improved over-all health of your brains through proper nutrient supply and better energy metabolism. There is even evidence to suggest that Piracetam can be a potent anti-oxidant, helping to rid the brain of toxins.

Benefits Of Pramiracetam:

Pramiracetam is sometimes described as Piracetam on steroids. Most of the benefits are eerily similar except that they are usually morethen pronounced. This includes improvements in memory, recall, learning ability. Many user and studies also report that it help to improve fluid intelligence, making common tasks seem much easier and even effortless. Over-all mental energy, clarity of thought attention, focus, and concentration are other areas of noted improvement.

Interestingly, Pramiracetam’s main effects seem to be upon increasing choline uptakeinto the hippocampus area of the brains. This is also thought to be helpful in developing new synapses and nerve connections along with the improving the overall communication between both hemispheres of the brain. This can lead to longer-term memory improvements, advanced and logical thinks enhancements, and even unlocking additional areas of thought. One of the specialties of Pramiracetam is  a increasing productivity by giving the users what is described as intense amounts of focus. Pramiracetam may 1-day replace Adderall as a safe alternative low risk of side effects.

Differences Between Piracetam vs Pramiracetam:

The main difference between Pramiracetam and the Piracetam is the potency. If you want to know what the strongest nootropic is, then answer is without a doubt Pramracetam. If you have already tried and received great results from Piracetam, than you will likely see number of increased benefits from Pramiracetam. That being said, it is also more expensive both-in-terms of its price per grams, but also in terms of average price per dosage. This may come into play

if you are a student on a budget. In addition, it is not recommended that a brand new user to Nootropics begin with the Pramiracetam. If you are a beginner in the world of Nootropic supplements

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